Comprehensive Weight & Balance Solution

Available in iPreFlight Genesis® and iPreFlight Genesis® PRO

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Get Flying with Accurate Calculations

Our intelligent solutions let you calculate weight and balance, with or without internet access. Whether you operate a small fleet or a large fleet of transport aircraft, we can help with your specific needs.

Occupied Passenger Seating

Easily add, delete and change occupied passenger seating positions within the aircraft’s cabin

Graphical CG Envelope

Our easy-to-use software gives a graphical view of the aircraft’s CG envelope, with a fuel vector line of the inflight fuel burn off.

Dynamic Curtailments

Meet the regulatory requirements for adjusting the aircraft manufacturers’ certified center of gravity (CG) envelope to account for loading variations and in-flight movements during normal aircraft operations

Your Flight Operations Companion

Unlock workflow synchronization, elevate decision-making, and ensure compliance all in one advanced tool. Experience how iPreFlight Genesis can improve your flight operations saving you time and money.

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