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Advanced Performance, Flight Planning, and Weight & Balance Tools

Easily connect flight planning, aircraft performance, weight and balance, SIDs, aeronautical charts, geo-reference plates, and more.

Advanced Flight Planning

Fully integrated flight planning, filing, weather, and operational limits. A synchronized workflow focused on compliance and maximizing capability.

Runway Analysis

Easily synchronize custom aircraft performance calculations, quick-reference graphical EOPs, emergency scenario options across your operation.

Weight & Balance

Interactive floor plans and loading stations, weight & balance, load, and fuel reports. Envelope view for quick reference for limits, fuel burn curve, and curtailment.


Supporting a wide range of in-panel avionics and mobile applications. Used by the biggest names in aviation like Honeywell®, Aspen Avionics®, and Dynon®.

Engine Out Procedures

Graphical, geo-referenced IAPs, SIDs, STARs, and diagrams for nearly 5000 airports. Reduce situational workload and minimize terrain constraints with first principle data.

SID Analyzer

Navigate complex departures in variable terrain with AEO data and employ estimated climb values to bolster safety protocols for TERPS or PANS-OPS compliance.


Your Flight Operations Companion

Unlock workflow synchronization, elevate decision-making, and ensure compliance all in one advanced tool. Experience how iPreFlight Genesis can improve your flight operations saving you time and money.

Trusted by the biggest names in aviation